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When should I start working on my visa application?

You should start working on your visa application once a letter of decision from the NMC is received via Email, approving your assessment and inviting you to sit the OSCE in the UK. XML specialists will contact you in regards to sponsorship to work in the UK. During the whole process, XML specialists will walk you through every step for visa application and track updates once submitted.

How long would it take to secure my visa to enter into the UK?

The time for processing the visa application is subject to conditions in different countries. Generally, once you’ve finished the visa application forms online, it will take 4 to 5 weeks for the authorities to process the application.

How will XML support me with my visa application?

XML will supply you with full guidance on how to prepare your visa application and a certificate of sponsorship number. Your visa costs will be shouldered by our clients.

What type of visa should I apply for and what are the necessary documents needed?

You should apply for a tier 2 General visa. The list of documents you need is subject to the requirement of the UK visa application in each specific country. XML specialists will walk you through every step during the process, particularly when there is an interview requested.

Would my spouse and children be able to get visa as well?

Yes, you can apply for your dependents while you are applying for your Visa.

Pastoral support

How XML will help or support me once I’ve arrived in the UK?

XML helps you with your flight booking, your airport transfer in the UK, assist you in finding accommodation, registering for a National Insurance number, registration with a local GP, opening a bank account (among the many tasks you will be supported with).

How XML help my family in the UK?

XML support candidates’ family who relocated to the UK providing assistance with work placement for spouse and registration of applicants’ children to local schools.

Relocating to the UK

I have never been to the UK, How should I be prepared?

XML gives you full advice and guidance on how to prepare to relocate your life to the UK.

What document do I need to bring with me while relocating to the UK?

XML will supply you with a list of documents you will need to being with you to the UK.

How can I plan my relocation?

XML specialists will contact you with a pre-planned and scheduled itinerary for fast tracking the basic logistical tasks within 1-3 weeks, as well as the list of documents required for different appointments.

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NMC Assessment

Which documents do I need to submit to the NMC?

The following documents need to be submitted to the NMC during the assessment stage:

  • Academic form signed by your school
  • Your academic transcript and nursing registration certificate
  • Registration Authority Verification form
  • Reference forms to support your English requirement in case you have practiced in a native English speaking country
  • Declaration Of Good Health form signed by your GP
  • Personal documents such as: Passport, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate (if relevant), Criminal record clearance)
How and when do I have to pay the NMC assessment fee?

Candidates do not pay any fee for the eligibility registration. The assessment fee is paid directly to the NMC after passing the CBT and meeting the English competency requirement.

I cannot provide my academic transcript now, what should I do?

You can request your transcript from your nursing school; they may decide to send it to you or may ask to send it to your future a 3rd party (in this case XML will be receiving your transcript for review before presenting it to the NMC).

I don’t have my nurse registration certificate but my nursing diploma. would it be enough?

You need to be registered as a nurse in your home country or the country you reside in at the moment.

To which address should I send my original documents?

Original documents should be sent to XML Healthcare International’s head offices in London and we will submit them to the NMC on your behalf after we’ve reviewed your documents.

How long will the NMC take to review my application?

NMC targets to assess your application within 50-70 days.

I have difficulties activating my account?

XML provides you with guides on how to create your NMC account and go through all the process to finish your eligibility registration.


What does it take to practice as a nurse in the UK?

You need to register with the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and receive a PIN. All nurses who practice in the UK must register with the NMC to legally practice.

Who decides whether I can practice as a nurse in the UK?

The NMC decides the eligibility criteria practicing as a nurse. In general, meeting the criteria requires passing 2 competency tests, meeting the English competency requirement and presenting your documentation through an assessment held by NMC auditors.

What are the steps to complete registration with the NMC?
  1. Eligibility registration
  2. Meeting the English requirement
  3. Competency test 1 (CBT)
  4. Documentation Assessment
  5. Competency 2 (OSCE)
  6. ID check and finalising registration with the NMC.
How long does the application process take?

The application can usually take anywhere between 3 months to 10 months. It is completely subject to the candidates and how quickly and efficiently they operate to meet the requirements.

What is the cost of registration with the NMC to become a registered nurse in the UK?

The cost of registration with the NMC includes:

  • CBT test registration – 90 GBP
  • Academic IETLS for UKVI test (if required) – £165
  • Application for nursing/midwifery – 140 GBP
  • OSCE test registration – 794 GBP
  • Admission onto NMC register – 153 GBP

All registration fees are paid directly to the NMC or the testing bodies (not to XML).


What are the required tests to take for the NMC registration?

The following are the competency tests you will need to pass:

  • Competency test 1 – A multiple choice computer based test (CBT) in your taken in your home country.
  • Competency test 2 – A Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) comprised of 6 stations, 15 minutes each, designed to test your nursing skills.
  • English language test – IELTS or OET test designed to assess your control of the English language (necessary for candidates who do not meet the English requirement due to practice in a native English speaking country).
What if I don’t pass my CBT?

You have 2 attempts to pass your CBT within 6 months. If you did not pass the test in your first attempt, you are eligible to re-sit the test after 28 days but within the 6 months from the time of your eligibility registration with the NMC.

How long is the CBT result valid for?

Your CBT pass result is valid for 2 years from your eligibility registration date.

What if I don’t pass my OSCE?

You will be given three attempts to pass the OSCE. In each attempt are required to pass only the stations in which you failed in the previous attempt and the test fee will be reduced accordingly. As of 10 December 2018, anyone resitting an OSCE can do so as early as ten days after their previous attempt.

I would really like to practice as a nurse in the UK, yet it’s difficult to score a 7 on IELTS or a B on the OET

Our professional English consultants will be able to assist you throughout your IELTS or OET studies, providing you valuable tips and materials to improve your test skills. Ultimately, it will still be you who makes practice perfect by meeting the language requirement. Your acquired English skills will serve you not only for your nursing registration, but throughout life and are worth the every minute spent on studies.

Can I take IELTS administered IDP?

Yes, the NMC will recognize NMC IELTS by IDP for registration purposes. The specific test centre chosen needs to be accredited by the UKVI for visa purposes.

Can I reschedule any of the tests?

Yes, within the appropriate time issued by the test registration body.

How will I find a job in the UK?

XML will be responsible for placing you in a job within one of our many clients once you have immigrated to the UK and are eligible to work.